Elegant Exposures Photography is a husband and wife photography team located in Spring Hill, Florida.  

It is our mission to focus on the emotions of our clients and then capture those emotions in a photograph; the genuine smile of a bride and her groom, the connection of a parent and their child before and after birth, the laughter and joy of a birthday celebration, the simplicity of nature that surrounds us and even to capture the ingenuity of our modern world of today.  We look for a sense of familiarity and accomplishment through our art of photography and via this art form we want to provide our customers with a piece of that moment that can be shared for generations to come.  

Here at Elegant Exposures Photography we would love to connect with you and capture those priceless moments. Remember past moments are a simple thought when you look back at them, but a photo is a constant reminder of those special moments that will never fade or be lost. We are passionate about photography for these and many more reasons, but most importantly you! 

We bring the world of photography to a whole new level through creative Elegant Exposures...

“We just simply love what we do”.