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It is our mission to focus on the emotions of our clients and then capture those emotions in a photograph; the genuine smile of a bride and her groom, the connection of a parent and their child before and after birth, the laughter and joy of a birthday celebration, the simplicity of nature that surrounds us and even to capture the ingenuity of our modern world of today.  We look for a sense of familiarity and accomplishment through our art of photography and via this art form we want to provide our customers with a piece of that moment that can be shared for generations to come.  

Here at Elegant Exposures Photography we would love to connect with you and capture those priceless moments. Remember past moments are a simple thought when you look back at them, but a photo is a constant reminder of those special moments that will never fade or be lost. We are passionate about photography for these and many more reasons, but most importantly you! 

We bring the world of photography to a whole new level through creative Elegant Exposures...

“We just simply love what we do”.


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The Beauty of Black & White Photography https://www.elegantexposuresinc.com/blog/2015/3/the-beauty-of-black-white-photography Oh how I love black and white portraits! They just seem a little more dramatic… or do they? That would depend on the photo itself, I think. There are some photos that I’ve turn black and white and it just seems to make the photograph more calming, less distracting I’d say. Without color there is most certainly less distractions allowing the eye to go directly to the subject. Then there are photographs that are just meant to be black and white ya know, the ones we can really bump up the contrast allowing more textures to appear making them more DRAMATIC… yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Ahhh and here’s a little trick… Have you ever been caught off guard and had to snap a picture real quick just to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment and YES!!! You caught it perfect…. well, not so much! You were a bit over exposed or just a touch out of focus, it just wasn’t perfect! Never fear, turning it to black and white seems to be my saving grace, it turns a not so great photo into a masterpiece… okay, maybe not a masterpiece but a pretty darn good photo! Working with black and white can also allow you to get creative because there are so many different shades of black and white…. You didn’t know that? Oh you’ve been missing the boat! Try it, it’s so much fun seeing how a little change in tone and adding a splash of color can change the whole look of a photo! Most computers come with a simple photo editing program that allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast as well as the colors hue and saturation. Try adding a little contrast and then turning the saturation WAY down, it’s that easy!  Wahooo…. Happy shooting!

Not so distracting!

Ughhh... That blue ball in the sky, it's just so, so distracting!!  Ah.... now the focus is on the bride and groom and their beautiful cake! 

Black and white photo of a guy playing a guitar.Guy Playing GuitarHigh School Senior photo of a guy playing a guitar in black and white in Spring Hill, Fl.

Here's a black and white with a hint of bronze... Sweet! Now that's one good looking guitar player!! (Of course I'd say that, that's my son who's going to Berklee and I'm one proud mama!)

Weight lifter and gym chalkGym chalk flying as weight lifter works out at gym in Spring hill, FL.

OH the power of flash (freeze) photography! For me, this photo was meant to be black & white, it just makes it so dramatic! 

A groom lovingly pushing his bride on a swingWedding Photography Swinging on a SwingA country wedding photo of bride and groom swinging on a rustic swing at Saxon Manor in Brooksville, FL.

Nothing says old fashion love like Sepia! 

Black and white photo of a baby in a crochet mermaid outfit laying on a fluffy white blanketA Little Mermaid BabyBlack and white photo of a sweet baby girl in a crochet mermaid tail in Spring Hill, Fl.

This photo was just as cute in color but I loved it in black and white as well so I presented my client with both options.

Sleeping Newborn Baby PhotographyAmber toned black and white photo of a newborn baby sleeping on a fluffy white blanket.   I believe this photo speaks for itself! I just love the soft look of this black and white amber image! 

What else would you expect, of course I had to turn one of these photos black and white. It was perfect for this old farm house setting! 

Black and white just gives a whole different feel to photos... which do you like better?

Making this photo black and white with a splash of color in the glasses brings attention the bridal party!

These are an example of why photographers are called artists! We just love getting creative with our photos! 


And last but not least... a black and white with a neutral wash filter. 

Feel free to comment and give your two-cents worth on black and white photography! 

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Fall Baby Photography in Spring Hill, FL https://www.elegantexposuresinc.com/blog/2014/10/fall-baby-photography-in-spring-hill-fl Fall is the perfect time for professional photography because the weather is amazing as it starts cooling down; it's not too hot and it's not too cold. It's the best time for natural light photography outdoors. It's a great time for family portraits, couples photography, or even pictures of yourself as a special treat. Most importantly, it's the perfect time for baby photography since babies are so sensitive to temperatures. The weather gives us a perfect chance to photograph babies in beautiful, outdoor settings. So we figured what better way to start off this fall season than pictures of some of the cute babies we've taken already this fall.

info@elegantexposuresinc.com (Elegant Exposures Photography) https://www.elegantexposuresinc.com/blog/2014/10/fall-baby-photography-in-spring-hill-fl Mon, 06 Oct 2014 21:56:50 GMT