Q: I have never done any modeling and I have no idea how to pose, can you help me create a pose that will look classy?

A:  Yep, that’s what we do best! We will help you pose in a way that may feel like the pictures are going to look strange but you will be looking like a pro by the time we are finished.

Q: I am very self-conscious about my body; is a Boudoir photo shoot something I can look good in?

A: Absolutely, Boudoir is for women of all shapes, colors and sizes. It is our goal to make you feel beautiful by the completion of your photo shoot. Oh by the way, if a super model can have her photos retouched, so can we!!

Q: How many people are present during a Boudoir shoot?

A: The only people present during a Boudoir photo shoot is the photographer, her assistant and her makeup artist. You are encouraged to bring a friend along if that helps you to feel more comfortable during your photo shoot.

Q: Where will the Boudoir session be taken at?

A: Where we  shoot depends on the type of boudoir photos you request.

Q: Can I do my own hair and make-up to discount my package?

A: All of our package prices include a complete makeover and no discounts can be applied for doing your own hair and make-up. The reason we use a professional make-up artist is because she has been trained to apply make-up specifically for photography. Our make-up artist is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist
with more than a decade of experience in applying professional make-up. Please check some before and after pictures of our previous clients.

Q: What should I bring to my Boudoir photo shoot?

A: You should bring a minimum of 6 flattering outfits that we will look through to find what works best for the types of Boudoir photos you desire (we will provide you with some Boudoir themes to give you some creative ideas). We have several accessories that we can add to enhance your outfits. Bring a couple of different bra and panty sets; we recommend a white, black, and a colorful set to choose from depending on the backgrounds we select. We also recommend that you bring some of your favorite accessories such as your sun glasses, high heel shoes, stockings (thigh highs are amazing), jewelry, hats and any props you’d like to use.

Q: Can we meet for a consultation before my Boudoir session?

A: Yes, we’d like to meet with you before your photo shoot so that you feel more comfortable before your Boudoir session. We will discuss all the details so that you will be completely prepared and confident before you appointment. We will also provide you with a list of helpful tips that will optimize your beautiful pictures the day of your session.

Q: When will I get to view my Boudoir portraits?

A: At the same time we set your Boudoir session we will also set a follow up appointment for you to view your photographs. At the follow up appointment we will discuss the photos you would like retouched and which ones you would like to order.

Q: How long will it take to get my pictures and/or products?

A: Once you have selected the pictures you have chosen it will take approximately 2 weeks for your prints and 4 weeks for any other products.

Q: Can I design my own photo-book?

A: We actually design the photo books however we will only use your favorite images that you have chosen. We do have a few sample books for you to choose from.

Q: What other products can I order from you?

A:  Please look at our Prices tab for a complete list of our products and prices.

Q: Is there a deposit required in order to set my Boudoir appointment?

A: Yes, there is a $100 nonrefundable deposit required in order to hold your appointment date and time. Your deposit will be credited towards your package price. Your balance is due the day of your appointment before your session begins.

Q: Can I reschedule?

A: Absolutely, we understand that life happens! If you need to reschedule please let us know as soon as you realize you need to reschedule. There will be no fee if you reschedule prior to 3 days before your Boudoir session. We feel we may be able to schedule another appointment in your appointment slot if we are given at least a 3 day notice. If you have to reschedule less than 3 days before your appointment there will be a $50 rescheduling fee. In the event of a confirmed tragic family event, we will refund your deposit or allow you more time to reschedule without losing your deposit.